COVID-19 brings a few significant changes to how we do business: If your beliefs do not agree with CDC or New York State guidelines during this season, we are going to ask you to follow these guidelines anyway.  If you absolutely cannot, or will not do that, we hope to see you next year. We will do our best to keep everyone safe.  Being an outdoor business helps, but we still need to use thoughtful behavior in respecting the health and safety of others. Anyone refusing to follow guidelines, will be politely asked to leave.   Please:   Distance your self or group, six feet from others and wear your mask when this is not possible. Please keep your children at your side. Should you have friends or family visiting from out of state, and their state is on the NYS Travel COVID-19 Travel Advisory List, please invite them to keep the hot chocolate warm for you at home—this should just be for this year. Please stay home if you feel ill in any way.  We are open from the day after Thanksgiving, through December 23, closed only on Mondays. Tuesday through Friday are the least crowded. Pets will not be allowed on the farm this year. We will have two racks of saws. One will be to take from, the other to return your used saw for sanitizing.  The racks will be labeled. If you are a smoker, please do so only in your car, keeping anything you would throw out, also in your car. There will be no indoor bathroom this year.  An outdoor facility will be provided. Customers will no longer come indoors to pay.  You will be directed to a payment window just a few steps from the former shop.  We will also ask you to distance yourselves if there is a line.  Please be prepared to ledgibly sign in, and give us a confidential contact number.  You will only be contacted if someone reports testing positive after being here.  We greatly appreciate our customers, and truly desire to safely stay open for you!  We want you to have a very, Merry Christmas!  

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